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Freeze Dried Food  – A Smart Investment, Stay Prepared For Any Emergency.

Those that plan for an emergency and prepare for the unexpected have the best possible survival outcomes.  Without food and water, surviving for long isn’t possible.  As such, many turn to freeze dried foods, perhaps the most effective and practical approach to ensuring survivability in an emergency.

Mother Nature is unpredictable, and some events are unforeseen (ex. earthquakes).  In the coming days or weeks, an unexpected environmental disaster could strike, leaving you without power or perhaps even forcing you and the family into a life-threatening situation.  Don’t leave yourself prone to such an event without the necessary supplies for survival.

You never know what may occur.  If a doomsday, apocalyptic scenario occurred next month, would you be prepared?  In such a situation, only the best prepared would survive. 

Welcome to, your go-to survival resource for easy-to-prep meals that provide nourishment and long-lasting storage life of up to 25 years.  Meals are freeze-dried and securely packaged in Mylar-constructed packaging. 

Preparing our meals couldn’t be easier.  Simply add water and you’ll be ready for a nutrient-rich meal that will keep you hunger-less in emergencies where food availability is obsolete.

Meal packages are also conveniently packaged inside of resealable buckets.  Our intuitively designed storage buckets make it easy to store in shelters, vehicles, homes, or any other space you choose to stock your emergency food supply.

Multiple Meal Packages Available

Whether you’re securing food for a week or a year, we offer an array of different meal packages and sizes to accommodate your survival needs.  Our long-term meal planning packages contain both breakfast and dinner-meal entree’s and will give you the taste of home, just by adding water.

From nutrient-rich oatmeal breakfast meals to mouth-watering desserts, to authentic Italian-tasting fettuccine alfredo, our tasty emergency food packages will more than satisfy your appetite (and taste buds too). 

Dried fruit is jam-packed with Vitamin C, and our freeze dried vegetables will also ensure you receive the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A as well (along with other vital nutrients).

For more than just Emergency Situations

Our meal packages aren’t exclusively intended for emergency-only situations. 

While some planning-conscious customers use our products to stock away for a multi-year food supply, some use our meal packages for camping or hiking in the woods.  Our Mylar-crafted food packages are lightweight, easy to tote, and won’t get in the way of other must-have essentials on outdoor adventures.

Also, our freeze-dried meals are rather nutritious, making them the perfect in-the-outdoors meal.

It’s more than just food; it’s a long-term security investment for you and your family.  However, doing so shouldn’t be expensive, and with, it doesn’t have to be.

Our packages will feed you and your family for around $.80 per serving.  To further help save you money, we also provide free shipping on all orders over $99 (which are sent within 24 hours of ordering).

While you can check out online, clients can also receive personalized sales support and can place an order with one of our meal-planning experts by contacting 1-800-223-5657.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please let us know, and we’d be happy to help in any way we can.